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Rulesand Policies

Local Rules

  • To be read in conjunction with the notice boards in the Clubhouse and on the back of the scorecards.
  • 15 cm placing (On own mown fairway only)
  • Provisional balls may be played on the 14th & 15th holes. See note on LOCAL RULES NOTICE BOARD or on the 14th tee.
  • Compulsory replay of the ball when striking the white fairway marker poles on the 5th & 7th fairways.
  • Free drop, no nearer the hole, from all areas marked with white lines. All heavy machinery tracks, all core holes and corings.
  • Compulsory drop from all areas marked GUR.
  • If you enter the Greenkeepers area, as marked from either the 18th hole, or the 10th hole, drop zones are provided for you with no penalty.
  • Distance measuring devices are permitted.

Lost or Out of Bounds Ball

  • When a player’s ball has not been found (i.e. is lost) or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds, the player may proceed as follows rather than proceeding under stroke and distance.
  • For two penalty strokes, the player may take relief by dropping the original ball or another ball in this relief area (see Rule 14.3):
  • Two Estimated Reference Points:
    • Ball Reference Point: The point where the original ball is estimated to have:
      • Come to rest on the course, or
      • Last crossed the edge of the course boundary to go out of bounds.
    • Fairway Reference Point: The point of fairway of the hole being played that is nearest to the ball reference point, but is not nearer the hole than the ball reference point. For purposes of this Local Rule, “fairway” means any area of grass in the general area that is cut to fairway height or less.
  • If a ball is estimated to be lost on the course or last crossed the edge of the course boundary short of the fairway, the fairway reference point may be a grass path or a teeing ground for the hole being played cut to fairway height or less.
  • Size of Relief Area Based on Reference Points: Anywhere between:
    • A line from the hole through the ball reference point (and within two club-lengths to the outside of that line), and
    • A line from the hole through the fairway reference point (and within two club-lengths to the fairway side of that line). But with these limits on Location of Relief Area:
      • Must be in the general area, and
      • Must not be nearer the hole than the ball reference point.
      • Once the player puts a ball in play under this Local Rule:
        • The original ball that was lost or out of bounds is no longer in play and must not be played,
        • This is true even if the ball is found on the course before the end of the three-minute search time (see Rule 6.3b), But, the player may not use this option to take relief for the original ball when:
          • That ball is known or virtually certain to have come to rest in a penalty area, or
          • The player has played another ball provisionally under penalty of stroke and distance (see Rule 18.3)
          • A player may use this option to take relief for a provisional ball that has not been found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds.

Motorised Transport Policy - October 2023

Reasons for Policy:

  • To protect the traditional lands of Ngāti Whakaue which the Course occupies from unnecessary damage.
  • To protect the Club Professional’s ability to hire equipment to members and visitors.
  • To establish guidelines for members who currently use, or will in the future wish to use, motorised transport on the Course.
  • To enhance the safety of users of the Course.


  • All use of motorised transport at the Club must comply with this policy (as amended from time to time).
  • The Club may on any day prohibit the use of motorised transport to protect the condition of the Course. This decision will be made by the Course Superintendent or, in his absence, by such person as he delegates.
  • Any member or visitor who ignores a prohibition pursuant to Clause 2 will be directed to leave the Course.
  • Privately owned, electrically powered, commercially manufactured golf carts will be permitted on RDVA and BOP Vets days, and during the annual Vets Tournament, free of charge.
  • Club members and visitors shall be entitled to hire carts from the Pro Shop, but subject to their complying with this policy.
  • Club members may apply to the General Manager for approval to use either privately owned, electrically powered, commercially manufactured golf carts or other privately owned electrically powered vehicles adapted for use as a golf cart. The approval of the General Manager shall be entirely at their discretion.
  • An annual levy of $150 plus GST shall be payable for each approved cart. Such levy shall be payable either for the whole of a Club season from 1 0ctober to the following 30 September, or a proportionate share thereof. For the avoidance of doubt no member who plays in any of the Vets events referred to in clause 4 shall be entitled to any rebate in the levy for the days of such events.
  • The annual levy will be reviewed at the time Club membership subscriptions are set each year.
  • All carts must remain well away from greens and tees, and all users shall comply with any signage and any directions given by a greenkeeper.
  • No storage or electrical charging facilities will be provided at the Course for privately owned carts.
  • No unauthorised transport may be used on the Course.
  • The use of carts in Club competitions may be restricted or regulated by the relevant match committees.
  • Any person who drives a cart must hold a current driver’s licence.
  • Any person who owns a cart and wishes to use it on the Course must be on the register of approved users held by the Club. For the avoidance of doubt this does not apply to the drivers of any carts hired out by the Pro Shop.
  • Any person driving a cart must comply at all times with any current health and safety plan adopted by the Club.
  • The Club shall be entitled to cancel the right of any person to use a cart due to any failure to comply with this policy. No rebate in the annual levy shall be payable in the event of any such cancellation.
  • This policy may be amended by the Board from time to time. Any amendments shall take effect from the date that a copy of the new policy has been placed on the Club Noticeboard and / or the Club website.


  • Motorised Transport refers to Golf Carts, Trikes, Bikes, Scooters and other privately owned electrically powered vehicles adapted for use as a golf cart.

Dress Code

  • Shirts with collars or crew neck and sleeves.
  • Trousers of good standard long legged dress jeans or dress shorts.
  • Soft spikes or flat shoes, golf socks or walk socks.
  • Not allowed: T-shirts or hooded sweatshirts; tracksuit pants or beach type shorts; steel spikes or touch shoes, jandals, moulded rubber soles, bare feet.
  • Footwear used on the golf course must not be worn in the lounge or dining areas.
  • Overall reasonable standard of dress policed by staff and committee members. Final decision made by Manager or Womens/Mens Captains.


Reciprocal playing arrangements have been made with:

  • Surfers Paradise Golf Club, Nerang Road, Gold Coast, Australia
  • Akarana Golf Club, Dominion Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland
  • Hastings Golf Club, 1523 Maraekakaho Road, Hastings
  • Manor Park Golf Club, Lower Hutt, Wellington
  • Nelson Golf Club, Stoke, Nelson
  • Maraenui Golf Club, Te Awa Avenue, Napier
  • Poverty Bay Golf Club, Lytton Road, Gisborne
  • The Rotorua Golf Club has reciprocal rights in the form of a reduced green fee with Springfield and Lakeview Golf Clubs. This rate should be checked when booking tee times. On the days the club is hosting a Bay of Plenty Event, National Event, or is closed for Coring, Springfield and Lakeview Clubs are available at the reduced green fees. Tee bookings should be made on these days with these courses.

Venue Hire

Function Rooms:
The Club does not provide decorations, music, musicians or a dance floor. Any music or entertainment that is organised needs to be advised to the Club. Please be aware that we are governed by Noise Control Laws and all functions are to adhere to these laws.
Liquor Licence:
The Golf Club is under a Special License from the Rotorua Lakes Council and the following rules apply.
  • We require a start and finish time for your function. Our closing time is 11.30pm.
  • No beverages of any sort from outside the Club are permitted.
  • Alcohol prizes are not allowed to be opened and consumed on the Club premises.
  • Liquor bought from the Club bar is to be consumed on the premises and is not permitted to be taken off the premises at any time.
  • If an event is more that 80 people we DO need to apply for a special liquor license from the Rotorua Lakes Council District Licensing Board two weeks in advance of the event. The fee for this is payable by the client. This client is to acknowledge and sign policy.
Bar: Please see our bar wine list for your requirements. Any wines or special drinks that are not provided in our bar can be provided within reason. Our bar can operate as:
  • Cash Bar
  • Dry Till to a pre-determined amount, and only serve the drinks you specify.
  • Dry Till open bar
  • Non-alcoholic drinks are available, plus snacks and café food
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to any guest that is intoxicated and to any guest who shows signs of intoxication.
  • Alcohol will not be served to persons under the age of 18. ID might be asked if a person does not look over 18.
  • Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian or parent.
Room Decorations:
Access to the function rooms area will depend on the usage of the area prior to your function. We do not allow nails, drawing pins on the walls and all decorations must be removed after the function is competed.
  • No food from outside the Club of any sort is allowed to be brought onto the Club premises.
  • Menus can be formulated to suit your requirements.
  • Final catering numbers to be advised at least three days prior to the function.
  • Kindly remember to advise on special dietary requirements.
Dress Code and Behaviour:
Our Club has standards that must be followed at all times, and we will not tolerate any bad behavoir. The dress code as follows:
  • No work/construction and safety gear, including heavy duty footwear.
  • Neat, tidy appearance and attire is welcome.
  • Hats are not to be in the Clubhouse.
  • Footwear must be worn in the Clubhouse.
  • No golf shoes to be worn in the Clubhouse.
Damage and Theft:
Any damage caused and anything taken from the Golf Club will be the responsibility of the clients who are hiring the premises, and made right within 48 hours of the function.
Smoking: The Rotorua Golf Clubhouse is a non-smoking facility, however a designated area on the deck is open for smokers.

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